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Being creative is an expression of who you are. Making things is not the only way to be creative, you can assemble and curate, create environments that make you feel good, dress yourself in fabrics and materials that are an expression of your personality. With made-to-order fabrics by the yard you can spice up your furniture. With coordinating papers, you can make your walls sing. You can even buy yardage to adorn your body. Household items are even available in the fabric of your choice for the bedroom, dining room... anywhere!

Texstylish is beautiful, affordable and fun. In the digital age, with a small surcharge, you can even change the scale and customize the color of a pattern. You can print on a wide variety of fabrics (just ask!) I'm not afraid of color and I am certainly not afraid of pattern. You could call me a "professional ornamentalist". Why not create the living/work/casual space you've always wanted? You can have fun decorating and you can do it online with me.

I've been designing and producing hand-screened textiles since 1994 and painting patterns and murals on walls for ten years longer than that. Over the last 40 years I have appeared in countless magazines and books since I started as Off-White Castle Studio in the 1980's. When the digital marketplace took the world by storm, I had to change my ways. Hence, Texstylish.

Every order is custom printed and you pay a basic fee for printing which varies with the type of fabric or wallpaper you choose. I don't keep inventory so the proof/memo, which you can order for a small fee, is printed for you and you alone. The great thing is, what you see is what you get. I also do custom designing in case there is something in particular you'd like to see come to life. I can work with your designer, interior decorator, or architect...but I especially love to work with you.

Digital textile printers are large-format inkjet printers that are specially modified to run fabric. With the advancements in the field, digital printers are capable of showing greater design detail than screen printing and can achieve results in a fraction of the time and cost. Designers can use as many colors as they like in their designs and trying things out is affordable and quick. All our fabric is printed in the USA or in Berlin, Germany by people who love textiles.